Friday, April 1, 2016

March Highlights

It has been a busy and exciting month full of photos. Below are some of the photos I've shot around Northern Utah for the Standard-Examiner in March. Enjoy.

Protesters supporting and opposing Donald Trump face off outside of Trump’s Salt Lake City speech on Friday, Mar. 18, 2016. ©BENJAMIN ZACK/Standard-Examiner, 2016

Brody Andrade, 4, focuses on a dollar bill that another customer gave him as Mark Tarintino cuts his hair at Moore's Barber Shop on Thursday, Mar. 3, 2016. ©BENJAMIN ZACK/Standard-Examiner, 2016

Visitors to Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge use spotting scopes that were on display for bird watching during Swan Day on Saturday, Mar. 12, 2016. More than 400 people turned out for the annual event. ©BENJAMIN ZACK/Standard-Examiner, 2016

Woods Cross High School celebrates after their quarterfinal victory over Payson High in the 4A state basketball tournament at the University of Utah on Wednesday, Mar. 2, 2016. ©BENJAMIN ZACK/Standard-Examiner, 2016

Jason Skeba plays fiddle along an interstate off-ramp in Marriott-Slaterville on Wednesday, Mar. 9, 2016. Skeba was playing along the remote off-ramp to try and make money. He usually doesn't play for money, but he had been out of work for two weeks.  "If I’m in a pinch then I know how to take care of myself," Skeba said. ©BENJAMIN ZACK/Standard-Examiner, 2016

Homemade signs cover Doug Harding's front door on Wednesday, Mar. 23, 2016. Harding says he has had to keep some former homeless friends away who he feels are trying to take advantage of his new home. He recently kicked out a woman who was staying with him because she would be loud in the middle of the night and he didn't want to risk upsetting his neighbors and getting evicted. After decades of homelessness, Harding moved into his first apartment at the start of the year. ©BENJAMIN ZACK/Standard-Examiner, 2016

Adam Ginsburg, right, sits down to replace the batteries on his lightsaber during the Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience at the Salt Palace on Friday, Mar. 25, 2016. ©BENJAMIN ZACK/Standard-Examiner, 2016

Katrina Taylor waits to be loaded onto an ambulance during a chemical-response-training exercise at Lakeview Hospital in Bountiful on Saturday, Mar. 5, 2016. Taylor, who was covered in fake wounds,  was taken by ambulance to a medical helicopter and flown around the neighborhood before returning to the start of the simulation. ©BENJAMIN ZACK/Standard-Examiner, 2016

Brothers Kirk, left, and Grant Davis pose for a portrait at the Easter Rendezvous at Fort Buenaventura in Ogden on Saturday, Mar. 26, 2016. ©BENJAMIN ZACK/Standard-Examiner, 2016

Paloma Sledge, 2, watches the neighbors play outside of her Ogden home on Saturday, Mar. 5, 2016. Paloma suffers from Dravet syndrome, an extreme form of epilepsy. Her mother, Lindsey Sledge, has been pushing for the wider legalization of medical marijuana to help her daughter. Lindsey says the family was calling 911 nearly every week to try and handle Paloma's seizures which could last up to four hours. ©BENJAMIN ZACK/Standard-Examiner, 2016

Sierra Magill plays with her sons, Kayden Magill, left, and Amarion Ricketts, in their backyard in Ogden on Wednesday, Mar. 2, 2016. Four years before, Sierra was struggling with drug addiction and alcohol abuse when she went into treatment with help from the Shannon J. Scholarship. ©BENJAMIN ZACK/Standard-Examiner, 2016

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