Monday, June 9, 2014

Searching for Bats

DWR Wildlife Technician Brandon Flack looks at the wing of a silver-haired bat on Antelope Island on Tuesday, May, 27, 2014. Biologists check the wing membrane of each bat for signs of disease or infection. (BENJAMIN ZACK/Standard-Examiner)
I recently went out with a group of biologists from Utah's Division of Wildlife Resources as they looked for bats on Antelope Island. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the evening and I also made a video that you can watch here.

DWR biologists and volunteers hang nets around a small pond on Antelope Island on Tuesday, May, 27, 2014. The fine nets, known as "mist nets" are thin enough that they are difficult for bats to see, but strong enough to hold the bats. (BENJAMIN ZACK/Standard-Examiner)

DWR Wildlife Conservation Biologist Adam Brewerton checks a bat detector while trapping bats on Antelope Island on Tuesday, May, 27, 2014. The small electronic device records bat calls and displays the rhythm and frequencies. By watching the changes in frequencies, biologists are able to tell which species of bats are nearby. (BENJAMIN ZACK/Standard-Examiner)

Searching for Bats Video

I recently spent some time with wildlife biologists out on Antelope Island as they were trapping and surveying bats. It was a great experience, especially since I used to spend my summers working on bat research projects while in college.

Watch the video below:

Making the Grade - Episode 6

The final episode of the "Making the Grade" documentary series is online. This last chapter examines changing curriculum and standards in Utah. Check out earlier episodes here on the Standard-Examiner.

Watch the full episode below: